Education startup explainer videos


In early 2014 I was contacted by a local education start up that was in need of videos to promote their brand identity as well as showing off their new graphical user interface. The target audience being faculty members and college students teaching and attending local universities. With this in mind I set out to create an art direction that spoke to these people.

The Process

Designing for a project like this can be daunting. Luckily the amazing team at Acatar had style guides already developed. This saved me from having to come up with color palettes, fonts, and icons. As well as having these items already developed the team was well along in designing the user interface. All too often you will find product videos

that don't reflect the end product. Or if the user interface videos are completely accurate the interface is so ugly it takes away from the elegance a designer is aiming for. In this case, having style guides and beautiful user interfaces already built it was a breeze to conceptualize the style frames. My goal was to match what Actar's team

had already put together while elaborating where I could. A huge focus on this project was the animation. It needed to feel effortless while informative. To do this I had blocked out every section of what you see in the final videos. It was critical for me to guide the audience and to never confuse them with too many on screen elements.


I believe I succeeded in fulfilling the clients needs at every point in the process but I could have worked faster had I been working with a team. Luckily the client knew this would be a restriction going in or else I could see that being problematic on other jobs. All in all it was a great experience and my design and art direction skills grew while working on this project.

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