NatGeo television show, season 4 - 5


In the summer of 2013, I was finishing school and was eager to get my foot in the door anywhere I could. Luckily the studio that I had been interning at was just awarded a huge job, Brain Games. A show that became successful through its witty tests and brain explainers, but the graphics on the show were lacking. Animal was tasked at re-branding season 4 and 5.

The Process

Throughout the project the most commonly used program was Cinema 4D. In school we weren't taught this program so I went on a 8 week binge absorbing as much information as possible. I already had a solid understanding of motion graphics principles so I more or less just had to figure out where everything was. Though through that

learning period I also explored the unique possibilities of the program. The entire mograph system that Cinema 4D uses was an eye opener to say the least. In school I had learned mostly 3dsMax so this was a breath of fresh air. Of course After Effects was also used in areas that requested 2d animation. On each project my goal was

to incorporate the color palette as efficiently as possible while not to overwhelm the audience with visual overload. In the show you find a lot of negative space accompanied by simple and elegant graphics. Consistency was key so we were constantly assessing the games we were making to make sure they fit the show's style.


This project has been an amazing experience, one that I will remember as the beginning of my career. The challenges we faced throughout the project helped prepare me for future endeavors. At the end of this project I felt accomplished in knowing that I set out to learn a software in order to work on the show. I love a great challenge and look towards the future with more confidence after working on show of this magnitude.

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