Matte paintings and compositing for print advertising


In early 2015 Animal was tasked at creating print advertising for Intel's new skylake computer processing units. Intel has an extensive background in print advertising dating back to the the dawn of computer engineering. The team and I at Animal set out to create a world that reflects Intel's futuristic robot landscape.

The Process

My role on this job involved making background matte paintings in which robotic characters would live in. Being a print job, what you see is what you get but the challenges are entirely different than video. For instance, Intel had requested we deliver these at a size of 300 dpi at up to 17,000 pixels wide. The interesting thing

about this was the fact that Intel didn't provide us with this information at the beginning of the project. So when I started assembling the backgrounds I was using high resolution images. This became problematic whenever we received the sizes from Intel that we would be delivering. We decided that Cinema 4D would be up to the

challenge so we began rendering high resolution landscapes and buildings that would act as a base when assembling the final backgrounds in Photoshop. This also became problematic when realizing that Cinema 4D has a resolution cap of 16,000 pixels. Luckily we found a tiled render workaround that served us perfectly.


Looking back, this project was one of the most challenging to date. Just the sheer size of the deliverables made the job a difficult one. Ultimately the experience was worth it. This was the first time I did any major matte paintings and I look forward to seeing where this takes me. I had never considered myself a background artist but this project may have changed my mind on the subject.

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