A collection of logos spanning from 2010 - 2016


Before I decided to venture into motion graphics and visual effects my primary focus was graphic design. The following designs are a collection of my work over the years. I still very much enjoy doing logo or anagram projects as well as other 2d print jobs. If you have a project you need a logo for don't hesitate to contact me!

Rashad Hassan - Anagram Logo

A local tennis player in the Pittsburgh area commissioned me to make an anagram logo for him and his business. He teaches tennis at his facility and needed something that felt professional and sporty. The art direction was inspired by other golf and tennis logos. So with that request I mocked up a few different concepts, this concept being one of those. It was rough at the time but the client could see the potential and was instantly drawn to this design. I was happy with this end result because it only took one revision to nail the design the client was looking for. The anagram was designed to read "RH".

Murrysville Racquet Club - Logo

A friend of mine was in the midst of constructing a racquet club and was in need of a logo. So I was commissioned by him to make a complete identity for the brand. My client requested that the logo feel similar to the Wimbledon Championship logo but he also wanted something modern. So with that in mind I designed multiple mock-ups, somewhere in the ballpark of 10 to 15 different designs. We decided on a design that incorporated a tennis racquet and ball. Almost mid hit if you will. The design is intentionally leaning to the right to point to the future to reflect the young charisma found throughout the facility.

Dale Shirley's Cycle Service - Logo

Like the logo before this, I was commissioned by a friend to make a logo for his Dad's cycle shop that is currently in construction. He was very open to new design interpretation though he already had prior designs for his automobile shop. My Client only had one request, it needed to feel mechanical. Something that would speak to the young and old by finding a timeless design. With that in mind I created something that felt classic with a mix of modern shine.

Logan Farren - Anagram Logo

For this piece my girlfriend was in need of a personal anagram that she could use to promote herself. This was a fun project that only took a day or two to complete. She didn't really have any creative requests besides that fact that she wanted it to be in cursive. I showed her this concept to which she fell in love with instantly. I very much like working on a simpler project as this one. Working on long deadlines can sometimes weigh on an artist. Fast projects that go from concept to final in only a few days is a breath of fresh air.

Hearts of the Homeless - Logo

A local non-profit charity had contacted me looking for a new logo for their company. The team hadn't explored any logo designs in years so they were ready to revitalize the brand. The only requests from the client was that they wanted the logo to include a heart and a house. So with this in mind I set out to make four or five concepts. The client favored this design because of the negative space that the house encumbered. It was a blast to explore this type of design and look forward to revisiting this design style in the future.

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