A delicate and deep portrayal of an abused woman struggling to get away


In early 2015 Animal Media Group produced a book focusing on a woman that was manipulated and abused by a cynical man. This video served as a PSA and trailer for that story. One of the more dramatic pieces I have worked on. The end result is nothing short of breath taking. A project I was happy to be a part of and a message that I think everyone should be aware of.

The Process

My role on this project involved conceptualizing and animating the ending section of the video. I worked with the lead artist and supplied general feedback on the art direction. From the very beginning it was obvious that this story would have deep and dramatic subjects. So because of that the pacing was vital to reflect those. The goal for a

piece like this was to make everything feel weighted and heavy. In the earlier stages of this project I had animated a concept that can be seen below. I had actually been imagining this in my head for quite some time but this seemed like a perfect time to try it out. The platonic solids didn't end up making it in the final cut but it was a great

test to see how the art direction was working. In order to get the weight just right the objects you see below were first mocked up in Cinema 4D and then drawn over frame by frame in Adobe's Photoshop. Prior to this project I had only done a handful of Photoshop animations so I am quite happy with the end result.


From the very get go of this project the team and I were inspired by the story. We knew it was a delicate one so it needed to be treated that way. I quite enjoyed working with the team at Animal. Having complete creative control is a wonderful thing. I hope this video touches many people to spread the message of abuse and rape.

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